Moab Partners with Levi’s®Photo Workshop

December 1, 2010, New York, NY - Moab, a division of Legion Paper, the nation’s premier paper company dedicated to the art of the fine print, becomes one of the official sponsors of the Levi’s® Photo Workshop currently underway in New York City

Moab Paper was selected as the official fine art inkjet paper for the workshops, ensuring those images generated will be printed on the best archival papers.

On October 7, 2010, Levi’s® opened the Levi’s® Photo Workshop in New York City. Their photographic resources offer a lens to focus in on exciting activity in and around the city. They collaborate with individuals and organizations, and use photography to distill something essential about the work they do.

The Levi’s® Workshops are a series of community-based venues for collaboration and creative production. Each Workshop is based on a different communications craft, but the concept stays the same: invite people to access Levi’s® resources and expand on their important work. Levi’s® launched with a two-month print shop in San Francisco during the summer of 2010.

As one of the original purveyors of American work wear, Levi’s® has a longstanding commitment to the American frontier. These efforts at the Workshop celebrate that pioneering spirit and inspire communities across the nation to engage in creative collaboration for the common good.

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About Moab by Legion Paper

Founded in Moab, UT, the Moab brand is dedicated to the innovation of products designed for the photography market. The Moab by Legion brand represents the digital imaging arm of Legion Paper.  Legion Paper is the largest supplier of Fine Art, Museum Mounting Board, Decorative and Digital Art Papers in North America, stocking over 3500 papers from over 50 mills worldwide and supplying artists since 1994. The company works closely with their suppliers to develop unique products and have assembled the finest collection of papers ever offered by one company dedicated to fine art papers. Legion Paper remains steadfast in its commitment to customer service and the ability to stock its full range in both its East & West Coast warehouses.