Tether Tools® Launches New TetherPro Photography Cables

Scottsdale, AZ – (Jan. 25, 2012) – TetherPro Cables, a division of Tether Tools®, is revolutionizing the way photographers shoot tethered with the introduction of new, high quality cables that eliminate two of the greatest challenges photographers face when shooting connected: equipment security and port compatibility.

Equipment Security

The new High-Visibility Orange USB Male-A to Mini-B and Active Extension Tethering Cables and High-Visibility Cat6 Network Cables help ensure cables can be seen throughout the studio or during on-location shoots. With multiple people (model, photographer, makeup artist, stylist, client and assistant) all on a shoot, it’s inevitable someone will not see the cable and trip over it in the sea of silver and black photography equipment positioned on set. TetherPro high-visibility cables are bright orange to bring attention to the cable and avoid accidents. With the cable attached to expensive camera and computer equipment, avoiding accidents can save thousands of dollars in damages. High-visibility cables are available in the following models:

TetherPro USB 2.0 Male-A to Mini-B 5 Pin-15ft (4.6m) and

TetherPro USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable – 16ft(5m), 32ft(9.7m), 49ft(15m) 65ft(20m)

TetherPro Cat6 550MHz UTP Network Cables – various lengths

Port Compatibility

TetherPro’s new low-profile casing for FireWire 800 9-pin to 9-pin cables ensures photographers shooting with digital backs from Phase One, Hasselblad or Mamiya will have properly sized tethering cables that fit their equipment. Digital backs have narrow, deep ports and most FireWire cable casings are too large to fit properly. In the past, photographers have had to shave down the cable casing with a razor so it fits into the camera’s narrow FireWire port. TetherPro’s new low-profile FireWire 800 is designed to fit narrow FireWire ports on digital backs and eliminates the need to make any casing modifications.

Additionally FireWire 800 cables are notoriously loose-fitting. Used in conjunction with the Tether Tools JerkStopper Camera Support, the TetherPro cable will stay securely connected.

About TetherPro® Cables

TetherPro Cables provides the highest-quality cables designed to exceed the discerning standards of photographers. Our cables include gold-plated connectors that ensure consistent and reliable conductivity, ferrite cores to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors and are fully shielded to protect against external signal interference. Tether Tools’ TetherPro cables are made to withstand photographers’ demanding use and to keep a strong signal for quality transmission in any condition. TetherPro offers USB, FireWire, HDMI and CAT6 cables as well as a variety of adapters.

About Tether Tools®

Tether Tools is a design and manufacturing company providing custom photography equipment and accessories for shooting tethered.  Tether Tools is committed to providing the highest-quality tethering solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers.

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