‘Photo Joe’ Makes Lifelong Memories for Philly Brides and Grooms

GARNET VALLEY, Pa., April 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Veteran Philly-area photographer Joe Pulcinella uses his advertising style and techniques to bring wedding photography in a new direction.

“To our clients, their wedding is the most important wedding we’ll ever photograph. If you have just one wedding that was not your best, that’s one bride who will not get the kind of creativity she deserved and she’ll be sure to tell others. Making an excuse about the weather, the location or whatever is not an excuse. I have a system in place that was distilled from my commercial photography and will help me overcome whatever is thrown at me. It helps me be consistently creative and give my couples images that will blow them away and it separates me from the rest of the pack,” states Joe.

He goes on to explain, “I am constantly learning. Even after so many years as a commercial and wedding photographer, I still experiment with different techniques and styles. I attend and teach workshops with the world’s best photographers to keep on the cutting edge. This industry is going through some major changes and those who don’t grow and adapt will lose.”

Joe Pulcinella has been shooting professionally since 1987. His career as a commercial photographer allowed him to shoot for such clients as Mutual of New York, Wills Eye Hospital and The Scudder Financial Group. Local clients included Ben Lovel Shoes, Dever Architects and Thom & Dave Marketing and Design.

In 2004, he turned his attention to wedding photography. “I always had this idea that a wedding photographer was a guy in a tux with an old twin-lens camera and a banged up flash taking nothing but posed photos. But I started to notice that wedding photography was changing. It was getting much more like editorial and fashion photography and I liked that. I love what I’m doing now.”