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Panasonic Debuts Multimedia Audio System Photo Frame

Secaucus, NJ (November 12, 2009) – Panasonic today announced the debut of its first audio system with iPod dock and photo frame. The MW-10 combines several components into one sleek system, making it the ultimate multimedia solution for den, office, bedroom, dorm room or living room. Sporting an elegant silhouette, the MW-10 sounds as good…

LifeGoRound – For the Ride of Your Life; In Photos, Videos and Tweets

eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame

LifeGoRound is a new-media “sharing” and “delivery” platform. LifeGoRound aggregates all of your online (Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Walmart, Youtube, Twitter) content as well as your offline photos and ALL of the content that you ADD to your LifeGoRound automatically appears on a LifeGoRound-compliant device, such as the new “eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame”, iPhone, mobile device, etc. LifeGoRound is the solution for the age-old digital photography problem of how to allow everyone who snaps photos at a common event (such as the kids soccer games, or at the family Thanksgiving gathering) using different cameras, to ALL enjoy the photos taken. Simply create a “Group” in LifeGoRound and everyone can drag and drop photos onto the “Group” for ALL to enjoy! And, the “shared” photos also magically appear on our Frame.